Italian-English Translation Dictionary and Verbs App Reviews

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Best Italian English Dictionary

I cant live without this dictionary. It has replaced the printed dictionary I always brought to Italy. The ability to conjugate verbs and get multiple definitions is very helpful. I keep the app open while reading Italian lessons. Love it for the last 5 years! Lets add a few years now. August 2015

It’s an awesome dictionary. It worth to buy it

Well I was suspected about the price but after buy it, it worked a lot everything is inside and I suggest you all :)


Im currently in my 3rd year of undergraduate Italian & downloaded this app before a weeklong trip to Venice. Since I have some background, I wasnt looking up super-basic words, but rather terms used on menus and museum displays. Almost nothing I looked up was listed in the dictionary. It was pretty good in verb conjugations, but incomplete in many respects: no English translation for essere (to be) in any of the subjunctive tenses?! Really? No indications that the are differences between "tu" ("you" informal) and "Lei" ("you" formal)? That can get you into serious trouble!

Efficient and Simple

Efficient and simple to use.


I currently live in Italy and have found that most of the words I have looked up are not accurate. My native Italian speaking friends have all checked it out to try and help me and declared after a few minutes of various searches, that it is rubbish.

Pretty bad for many basic words

I have enjoyed the French version of this app, but on a trip to Italy I found that the Ultralingua Italian dictionary is rather poor. Mostly one-word definitions without any help in knowing any subtleties of meaning. And several times, when I asked out Italian friends, they said that the first dictionary entry was either very old-fashioned or just plain wrong. The conjugation part of this app is nice, but I need a better dictionary for my purposes.

Please fix the landscape bug

Ever since the update, landscape mode is broken. I use the dictionary everyday. Please fix it.

Rarely helpful

Ive used ultralingua Spanish, and thought it quite helpful, but the Italian version has a dictionary that leaves out many words - useful, necessary words. It was better than nothing, but only just.

Pricey, wrong or missing data, but not useless

Ive had this app on my iPhone for over a year and after some initial use I’ve never used it. I had other apps or web sites that do a better job at giving me definitions and verb conjugations. I saw the 1.5 update was available in iTunes so I downloaded it and spent some time trying it out again after months of not realizing I even owned this app. First, I expect a lot from a $20 iOS app. I was initially disappointed when I looked up several words in Italian and saw they were not in this apps dictionary. Falò (meaning bonfire or campfire) is not in the dictionary. Bonifico is, but the definition given (discount) is pretty close to being wrong (it might be used as a tertiary definition) but it does not include the principle meaning (money transfer). It says vado and vo are both first person singular present tense forms of andare. I have never seen vo listed as a form of andare in any book I have in Italian, nor in any online resource. (However, Im not an expert speaker of Italian, but if it is allowed its very very very rarely used). I generally use my iPad in portrait mode but this app behaves differently in portrait and landscape mode. I will point out this is not uncommon, but it’s something I have to get use to. If you ask for an English definition of fu and hit search you get the entry "Kung fu". But before you hit the Search button you will see a strip that says "Matches: fu essere fucilare Did you mean fui?" Okay so if you know fu is a form of essere you hit essere and then double click the conjugation pane to see all the conjugations at once to see that fu is third person singular remote past form of essere. I guess fucilare shows in the list because its the word in their dictionary that falls after fu (??) Anyway, assuming you dont know the word (why are you looking it up?) giving a list of possible words that could relate could put you on a long tedious path to the solution you are looking for. WordReference does a much better job of this. Too many words have one-word definitions that really dont give one the proper meaning (e.g. allacciarsi == interlock). I suppose limiting definitions is why they can load it on your iOS device. So, it seems so far I dont like this app very much. Whats good about it? Well in my opinion the number translator is pretty sweet. Type in 512 and it writes the number in Italian "cinquecentododici", of course it will do it in English as well “five hundred (and) twelve”. And you can punch in huge numbers as well (e.g. 1,987,654,321). This is a good way of learning to speak large numbers. The other positive, if it matters to you, is that this app is on your iOS device. You can use it fully while your iOS device is in Airplane Mode or otherwise not connected to the Internet. So after studying this app for a few hours today I think I may pull it up sometimes, but it probably won’t be my go to translation app. It does have some potential and I hope the developer keeps improving it. But knowing what I know about this app I would not buy it.


This app is crap and a waste of money. After spending a little time with it I quickly realized how useless it is. It doesnt even include basic things such as the plural form of nouns (this isnt generally an issue, but occasionally you run across non-standard plural forms). Also the search interface seems clunky and not all of the translations direct you to the most appropriate word (sometimes it isnt even listed although other choices are). If it were a two dollar app then it might be okay, but this is ridiculously poor quality for such a high price. Should have listened to the negative to try and get my money back.

Some quite ridiculous translations

For the record, there is no such thing as a "goer" in English, and "becoming" is not a noun. I should have sprung for a real dictionary.

Delusa! Expected better.

I have Ultralinguas French ap, and I use it frequently. So I expected the Italian ap to be similar. There are many gaps in the word bank in this ap. For example, key words related to current technologies are not to be found, including email and software. Even if the Italian equivalents are cognates, they should be included. These are just two examples of many that I have found to be missing. Disappointed!

Good App, Great customer Service

I have several foreign language apps and this is one of the best. Its iPad version is excellent. The verb conjugation is especially helpful with its full-screen. I had several questions and the staff was receptive, prompt and helpful. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone studying a foreign language.

iPad interface is awesome!

The new version wonderfully uses ipads screen and after the bug fix works well. The app is highly useful, especially the verb conjugations. The dictionary itself is large, but missing a lot of words and expressions. I hope there will be updates to fill in the gaps.


Its now also optimised for iPad. Thank you for that!

Ultralingua Italian-English dictionary

Very disappointing. Not easy to use. Many common words missing. Compares unfavorably with Larousse French English dictionary available for one-third the price.

Amazing App for Serious Italian Students..

I have been using this app for about a year, and it is absolutely the best I have seen yet. Im studying italian grammar with a private teacher, and I rely on this app for everything. Cannot do my homework without it!! Its amazingly easy to conjugate any verb in all tenses, and the dictionary is really very precise. Easy to jump from italian to english, and look up any word by clicking on it. Latest update lets you sort your history which is nice. If youre looking for a more precise study tool and not just an inaccurate phrasebook, this is the app. The price is worth it!

Very good missing one thing

Use this almost every day in learning Italian. It does not provide Italian pronunciations as it does for English. (unless Im missing something) Maybe the program will be upgraded? I find 99% of both Italian and English words when I use this program. It took a bit of getting used to toggling back and forth from verbs pages to Italian/English look-up pages, but once you know how to use it, it great!

Sorry I spent the money

This is a disappointing program ... about a third of the simple everyday words one looks up -- words like "afford" -- arent in the dictionary. I get better results from the FREE translation program I downloaded than I do from this. Its the worst value of any iPhone program I have.


Review of version 1.1 Well, my Italian fiancée visited me for the holidays so I purchased this App for those times when we needed clarification. Unfortunately, it was only marginally useful as it found less than 25-percent of the words we entered. I see the developer offers a larger and more full-featured (6.1mb vs. 1.9mb) offering, although I don’t feel inclined to pay another 25-bucks on top of the $19.99 already invested. I’ll hold off until another variant from another vendor comes along. - Not Recommended Regards, ~DD

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